Fashion : AKUDESIGN, Uplifting the Quality of Local Apparels Industry

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A commercial name comprising a mixture of Malay and English words, Akudesign is undoubtedly a big name in the local apparel industry. Founded by two individuals who are siblings,  Akudesign is initially launched in 2009 by Afiq Afify Anuar and Amirel Amen Anuar as an online based brand and marketed their products via  Myspace medium. Afiq is the one in charge of producing the creative designs while his brother, Amirel leads in the business part. Based in Malacca, Akudesign has flourished as they grow bigger as a creative company since the establishment of their concept store at Jalan Laksamana.

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The dreams of these two brothers to have their own brand label started with their passion and likes toward international branded apparels such as products from Billabong, Quicksilver and Rip Curl. Combining both of their talents and abilities, Akudesign is realized during their university years. Although both of them graduated from entirely different fields, their passion alone is enough to have them put extra efforts into running Akudesign.

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Focusing to bring back the classic embroideries and patterns, Akudesign products have received a lot of attention from the local youth group since their establishment regardless of the competitive nature in the industry. Their priority is to produce high-quality materials and designs at the same time emphasis on the comfortability of their products in order to uplift the status of local clothing products. They promise a detailed focus in stitching and printing methods and clothing presentation and of course, Akudesign is not afraid to market that element and sell their products with reasonably-higher prices in parallel to the qualities they offer.

In manifesting their presence, Akudesign chose a more “radical” way in marketing by making full use of its branding in online platforms and local events or festivals. Thus, in a way, the name Akudesign has emerged as one of the top picks for the market in purchasing local brand apparels. They even have they own #ADCTERS, who are loyal wearers of their products.

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Akudesign Concept Store in Jalan Laksamana began its operation on date 12th of December, 2015 showcases their creative concept design aside from their awesome apparels and accessories. In March 2016, the store was closed for a while due to its structure renovation issue and recently started running again in February 2018. With new effective changes and more manpower to their squad now, their operation hours changed from 2 p.m until 10 p.m everyday. Instead of purchasing Akudesign’s products via online and their concept store, they also distributed their products to a couple of authorised dealers such as The Labels, Undefine and Hundred%.

Aside from the production of street apparels and accessories, Akudesign has also established a creative service brother-company, which is Akudesign Creative. Akudesign Creative, headed by Afiq Afify, focuses on art production projects that mostly involves painting, mural and graffiti art. Among the big names company which Akudesign Creative has collaborated with are Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and Nandos Malaysia.

The latest collection released by Akudesign is the Emblem series which their annual graphic series. The difference is this year, the Emblem series comes with a collection of products such as raglans, bags, long sleeve shirts and caps. Go check them out with their cool products via their website


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