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Kudut Othman would be an unfamiliar name to most. However, in the local underground music scene, Kudut Othman is a well-known name referring to a skilled Malaysian drummer who was a member of the local ska punk band, The Plague of Happiness. Kudut was also the drummer for the band project, The Azenders, together with Sam Bunkface and Izal from One Buck Short.

Photo by: http://www.playdixon.com/portfolio/kudut-othmanthe-azenders/

Having graduated from Universiti Utara Malaysia and Schuman Music School for drum lesson, this man from Johor Bahru began teaching drum lessons while playing with various bands in weddings, showcases and gigs. After proving himself as a qualified drummer, Kudut made a name for himself in the local underground music since joining The Plague of Happiness in 1998 and stayed with the band for more than 10 years. Besides playing the drum, Kudut was the main man behind “Popper” magazine which used to be famous in skateboarding scene. He also plays other instruments and composes music.

Photo by: http://www.playdixon.com/portfolio/kudut-othmanthe-azenders/

In mid-2008, he decided to part ways with Plague of Happiness and founded a new band called Robot Asmara later in the same year. Robot Asmara consisted of well-known names in the scene such Helena from Black Coffee Honey and Juad Pretty Ugly, who co-founded the band. Two years later, Kudut was invited to join a project band by Sam Bunkface called The Azenders. The Azenders with their catchy tunes was well received by the music industry and appeared in Rock the World 2011 together with other legends in the local alternative music scene such as the Bittersweet, Pesawat, Salam Musik, The Padangs, Kyoto Protocol and so on.

Up until now, Kudut Othman is still active in Johor Bahru, teaching his passion to the younger generation.


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