Sports : Adli “The Golden Boy” Hafidz, A Malaysian Boxing Gem


Known as the GoldenBoy in the local boxing world, Adli Hafidz Mohd Fauzi is a Malaysian representative who is a silver medallist boxer in the light heavy category, KL 2017 Sea Games. This Johorean-based sportsman has announced his retirement from the national boxing team after the Sea Games in order to go professional. We have seen him won numbers of fights and knocked out countless other amateur boxers. This Golden Boy has trained his hardest to reach the professional level and now he is ready and confident to knock out more boxers.

Presenting the Malaysian Golden Boy in the Fight Evolution 8 by KBX, a professional boxing tournament based in Singapore this upcoming weekend. Adli will fight a boxer from Indonesia, Akhbar, in the super middleweight category.

Boxing may not be a popular sport in Malaysia but it should not be overlooked.  It is a great sport and there are individuals like Adli who would pursue his passion to the end. So it certainly cannot be overlooked but should be given more media attention and coverage to spread awareness to the community.

To show our support and gratitude to the Goldenboy for making Malaysia proud, Mashup team will exclusively join Adli’s journey towards this upcoming pro-level fight. Let’s gather and show our support Malaysians! You can wish him luck via his Instagram here.

Here’s a teaser video of the Golden Boy training before the pro-fight:

Mashup team managed to follow Adli Hafidz’s journey to Singapore for an exclusive coverage of his fight in the Fight Evolution 8.

A recap into the fight between Adli ‘Golden Boy’ Hafidz in Singapore recently, knocking out his opponent in the first round, at 2 minutes and 8 seconds. This victory led to his 2nd win in his professional boxing career. Next up, Kuala Lumpur in June and Johor Bahru in September.

Adli is determined to make it out in the professional boxing arena, uplifting the local boxing scene, and raises the name of Malaysia in the international boxing arena. Let us gather our support for our local athletes, that might have been sidelined before this, out-shadowed by other mainstream sports. For this particular hero, Mashup team is determined in supporting him towards achieving greatness in the boxing world.

Adli ‘the Golden Boy’ Hafidz, by Mashup MY.


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