Art : A Commemoration of Street Wear and Graffiti Art

Photo by @oharieff

With graffiti art on a wall as a sign of mutual collaboration between a street-wear culture and graffiti art scene, AKUDESIGN in collaboration of a talented local graffiti master, Asmoe, presenting “STYLE STILL MATTERS”, an effort to establish a ground awareness towards the streetwear and graffiti art subcultures. This project engages in a great mix of street-wear fashion and graffiti art in which end products are released in forms of wall graffiti painting and a stream of merchandise collection.

Photo by @oharieff

“Melaka has lots of abandon buildings that give an old effect on them, which is a great way to make the artwork pop-ups.” – AKUDESIGN

Photo by @oharieff

The graffiti art masterpiece that gives a new fresh complexion to the old TNB station nearby coconut shake Klebang, Melaka was painted by an internationally known local graffiti artist from Kuala Lumpur, Asmoe.  Also known as Asmoe the Architect due to his full-time job as an architect, Asmoe’s talent and graffiti artworks has been established in the local and international graffiti scene since 2012 where he has traveled to a lot of South East Asian and European countries for various graffiti art projects. Regarding the tagline of this project, “STYLE STILL MATTERS”, Asmoe explains; “…great letters come with a solid understanding of the basic foundations and styles. Styles is the main vocabulary in graffiti, as it conveys messages among the writers, without a strong style, it is difficult for writers to move on to the next level.”

Photo by @oharieff

AKUDESIGN also releases a collection of merchandises in commemoration of this project. New cool t-shirts by AKUDESIGN and button badges collection for “STYLE STILL MATTERS” project can be looked up via AKUDESIGN’s concept store and official website.

Video by: @afqaffy



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