Entertainment : 5 Top Malaysian Bands that You Need to Know


Hi, guys! This is for those fellow music enthusiasts out there, especially for local music lovers. We are going to tell you about these 5 bands that we think are the game-changers in the development of the local alternative music scene. Now, if this list of bands is not as near as your favourites top 5 bands, do not hesitate to share with us your opinion in the comment box below. These bands are chosen based on their recent reputation, songs quality, most often-heard singles and the overall acceptance of Malaysian music fans towards the music they are producing.

  1. Hujan

As one of Malaysia’s iconic rock bands, loved by fans young and old, Hujan has been on the local and international music scene for more than a decade. Consisted of well-known multitalented musicians such as Noh Salleh, AG Coco, Azham Ahmad and Izzat Uzaini, the reception for Hujan has been positive, since its establishments in 2005, with the band considered as one of the leading alternative music act in Malaysia. With the loyal support of their supporters who labelled themselves as “Raingers”, Hujan never disappointed their fans with their exploration of various musical style and genres from indie-alternative, acoustic-rock, punk-rock, pop-rock, hard-rock and metal.

Facebook: facebook.com/HUJANFB/        Instagram: @hujanband

  1. Masdo

We are not referring to the Malaysian rock n roll legend Kassim Masdor, but pop-yeah-yeah band, Kugiran Masdo! A band recently formed on early 2015 with the name “The Lipstick”, the band rebranded to Masdo after rearranging their members and focused on the revival of the 60’s genre that manage to caught many ears listening to their music.  It only takes one catchy song to put Masdo as one of the most significant indie band in Malaysia, and that was “Bunga”. The song hits the right notes and with a genre that gives a nostalgic feeling towards new indie listeners, Masdo reminds us so much of Datuk A. Rahman Hassan, The Beach Boys and Ahmad Daud. With the pursuit of bringing back the twist era, Masdo might be very likely to succeed in the current scene of our music industry.

Facebook: facebook.com/kugiranmasdo/    Instagram: @kugiranmasdo

  1. Paperplane Pursuit

Originally formed in 1998 with the name “Stop Sunday”, most Malaysian Engish music enthusiast should have heard of the name Paperplane Pursuit. The independent electro-pop group has been everywhere lately, as their catchy and addictive, sing-along tracks are often played on the radio. Even those who do not recognise their name have likely seen them at the latest live music event and familiar with their songs. By 2015, they already had 3 albums under their belt, with “Higher” being their latest and also the most well-received album to date. Their song, “Beat of Your Love”, in collaboration with Darren Ashley, also shot them to fame.

Facebook: facebook.com/paperplanepursuit/  Instagram: @paperplanepursuit

  1. Kyoto Protocol

Kyoto Protocol, another band that has remained active despite the ups and downs of Malaysia alternative music scene. This is the band that signifies that the local music scene is not yet dead, as their energetic showmanship constantly proves that they have this undeniable appeal.  The 5-piece act first consisted of lead vocalist and guitarist Fuad, backup vocalist and keyboard player Gael, guitarist Hairi, bassist Shakeil, and drummer Shan.  With a lot of involvement in many stages in the music industry since the band establishment in 2009, the Kyoto Protocol is no longer a stranger to the Good Vibes Festival and other big stages, having opened for international acts such as MGMT, Yuna, CITIZENS! and We The Kings. In less than a decade, they became one of the most successful bands in the local music scene, with multiple albums and award nominations under their belt.

Facebook: facebook.com/kyotoprotocol/  Instagram: @kyotoband

  1. An Honest Mistake

An Honest Mistake started as an acoustic live project in 2008. Throughout the years, lead vocalist and guitarist Darren Teh and band-mates produced music that focuses on a combination of upbeat pop-punk, emotional acoustic ballads, heavy hardcore and innovative electronic. The band collaborated with talented musicians across the world, doing so on its latest album, An Honest MIxtape, which is a compilation of 16 remix tracks as they believe in connecting people via music. The band has performed across Asia, in Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, the Philippines, India and Taiwan.

Facebook: facebook.com/anhonestmistake/    Instagram: @ahmband


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