Entertainment: A Weekend with Toyota Good Vibes Festival 2018


Last weekend, Mashup team had the opportunity to attend and be part of the Toyota Good Vibes Festival 2018 (GVF 2018) at Genting Highlands. We just cannot resist not attending after the full artist and band line-ups were released. The likes of Alt-J, SZA and Lorde combined with a list of local acts to perform in one festival is a rare occurrence.

We were amazed and proud of the organizers who presented such great festival ideas and setups that created an astounding and breathtaking view towards the highland landscape. Good Vibes Festival has been pioneering this one of a kind festival concept in Malaysia and over the past few years, they have become as the most awaited annual festival by the youth group and music lovers in Asia. By sticking with the same venue at the horse ranch, Gohtong Jaya, GVF has been successfully delivering one after another awesome festival set-ups and band line-ups each year. They truly showed a good impression of Malaysia towards the international artists and provide a great marketing value for Genting Highland as a venue as well as for the artists invited each year.

We can see the diversity of the attendees with different skin colours, races and nationality but all of us feels the same unity in the positive vibes of the festival and the genre of music offered. People showed up in various style and outfits to fit the concept of the “Good Vibes” and it really coloured up the festival.  Even SZA made her appearance on stage with the traditional Indian dress, Saree! Kudos to the organizer and sponsors for holding up this beautiful event and thank you for inviting the international artists to perform in our country.


We are happy to see that aside from the international acts, our local rising artists were also given slots in the afternoon to warm up the crowds for the main international acts. Local artists and bands such as Noh Salleh, Altimet, Kyoto Protocol, Pastel Light, Danger Disko and Bil Musa were all awesome too in their performances. We hope to see more of our local acts to be presented in the line-ups of the next Good Vibes Festival.


Just a little suggestion of improvement if the organizers are reading; that in order to further improve the impressions towards our country, we hope to see more trash bins around the event venue to accommodate the large volume of event goers and to ease the job of the trash pickers. Other than that, GVF 2018 is truly the event of the year! #GVF2018 #ToyotaGVF2018


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