Arts : A Showcase of Creative Arts Talents in the Prosa Mania of ASWARA


A theatre project by the final year students of Creative Arts, ASWARA, ProSA MANIA: SUARA has successfully concluded on the night of 28th July 2018. ProSA MANIA: SUARA was held for two days, on the 27th & 28th of July, at Panggung Eksperimen, ASWARA.

Panggung Eksperimen (ET) was packed with media, VIP, ASWARA staffs, artists (Bil Musa), the family of Foundation students, ASWARA students and also the public who came to watch the show.


SUARA tells the journey of 3 individuals from different walks of life who have to face various kind of hardships and challenges in order to realize their dreams in the creative field. SUARA also highlights the negative stigma associated with creative careers, Autism awareness as well as the importance of family. SUARA performance was generally presented in Malay and English as well as the incorporation of a few Cantonese and Tamil lines that showcase Malaysia’s nature of being a melting pot of cultures. The show was a success, with great performers, musicians and management team made up of students of Foundation Studies in Creative Arts, ASWARA batch 2017/2018. They are in close cooperation with each other and started preparing for this show since May of 2018.

ProSA MANIA: SUARA is also an evaluation for students of Foundation Studies in Creative Arts batch 2017/2018 according to the courses that they chose. After this August, they will enter degree and continue their studies in their preferred faculties.

ProSA MANIA: SUARA is a good platform for students of Foundation Studies in Creative Arts to showcase their skills and talents. Besides, it’s also an opportunity for the public to understand the challenges and hardships that an art practitioner face as well as to know more about ASWARA, the National Arts Culture and Heritage Academy.

Photo and video credit to @muizzevans @dddaaannniiissshhh


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