Lifestyle : Top 5 Campaigns for Malaysia’s 61st Merdeka 2018


In conjunction with upcoming 61st Merdeka Celebration and Malaysia Day, we would like to highlight a couple of upcoming campaigns and events that celebrate and strengthen the spirit of patriotism among the Malaysian citizens. Here are top 5 Merdeka and Malaysia Day campaigns that we find interesting to be a part of and participate in their missions that aligned with the events that have occurred so far in 2018.

Sayangi Malaysiaku Campaign

The Sayangi Malaysiaku campaign as the official government campaign for this year’s Merdeka offers a change of feel after major election events that had occurred. The campaign will continue the Merdeka Parade tradition held on the morning of the 31st, however, the venue for this year’s parade will be held in Putrajaya. A graphic of three Malaysians raising their arms with pride with the symbol of the heart on their shoulder has been chosen as the official logo for the 2018 Merdeka Day celebration). Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh Deo said the logo, which was created by Nik Zulkifli Nik Hitam and chosen by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, denotes the harmony and unity enjoyed by Malaysia’s multiracial and multicultural society, as well as the citizen’s love for the nation. Gobind added that for the official theme song, Sam Bunkface’s song “Kita Punya Malaysia” was picked as the official anthem because of its pop genre and catchiness.

Aligning with the Sayangi Malaysiaku tagline, private businesses and event organisers have also come up with a variety of events and promotion for this upcoming Merdeka month. Sayangi Malaysiaku Countdown Concert being one of them will be held on the night of the 30th of August at Dataran Merdekafeaturing mixed performances by multiracial artists such as Reshmonu, Datuk Zainal Abidin, Fish Leong, Ella, Joyce Chu, Sakura Band, ThomasJack, Hani & Zue, Nicholas Teo, Farisha Irish, and many more.

You can also check out Golden Screen Cinemas Merdeka promotion, where they offer a flat rate of RM 10 per person from 2nd of August until 26th of September 2018. Visit here for more info.

National Month and Fly the Jalur Gemilang Campaign

In conjunction with the Sayangi Malaysiaku Campaign, the government decided to held National Month and Fly the Jalur Gemilang Campaign which was launched on the 3rd of August until 5th of August at Padang Kota Lama, Pulau Pinang.


“Fly the Jalur Gemilang and love our Malaysia”  was the message by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to all Malaysians as the nation gears up to celebrate its 61st Merdeka Day on August 31. His message was featured in a short video titled ‘Harapan Merdeka’ (Merdeka Hope), uploaded on Facebook by the Information Department that was produced in conjunction with the upcoming Merdeka Day. The Prime Minister continued by saying: “If everyone in the country flies Jalur Gemilang during Independence Day, the bond between the people will be stronger.”


Video pendek Harapan Merdeka. Dengarkan Harapan YAB Perdana Menteri kepada kita semua rakyat Malaysia!!! #SayangiMalaysiaku #KibarJalurGemilang #JabatanPenerangan

Jabatan Penerangan Malaysiaさんの投稿 2018年8月9日木曜日

Along with the events, Kembara Merdeka Jalur Gemilang 2018 that is participated by various government bodies such as the PDRM, JPJ and the Information Department will be launched during the events and the convoy will start from the event venue to tour and distribute Jalur Gemilang Flags across Peninsular Malaysia. The convoy comprising 20 vehicles and 40 high-powered motorcycles involving 135 participants will end in the Merdeka Parade at Putrajaya on August 31.

#AnakAnakMalaysia Campaign

“Moving forward together as a nation for a greater Malaysia” is the theme for this year’s #AnakAnakMalaysia Campaign which returns for the fourth year. AnakAnakMalaysia 2018 campaign, which is a collaboration effort between The Star and the Ecoworld Group has proven successful after managing to attract a majority of Malaysians to participate in this campaign.

The #AnakAnakMalaysia campaign continues to bring Malaysians together to celebrate Merdeka and Malaysia Day with the launching of #AnakAnakMalaysia Tshirt design contest since 31st of May ago. The launch is a forerunner to the dedicated main event of #AnakAnakMalaysia Walk on that will be held on the 2nd of September 2018. With the #AnakAnakMalaysia and #JomKeHadapan hashtags and slogan, the campaign this year will also see the distribution of 600,000 unique wristbands with five snazzy interchangeable pins.

Keretapi Sarong 2018

In conjunction with this year’s Malaysia Day on the 16th of September, Keretapi Sarong 2018 will also be held on the same day! A day in the city where we can see Malaysians hanging out near train stations wearing the “sarong” as a symbolic pride of our tradition, the awaited annual Keretapi Sarong event has become one of a kind experience that can only be experienced in Malaysia.

Keretapi Sarong is a free public campaign which promotes the use of public transportation and racial unity by encouraging citizens to wear “sarong” in train ride to a set destination. Usually, the last destination will be at the Dataran Merdeka and people from various train stations will arrive and gather at this checkpoint where finally all the colourful sarong outfits gather and create a beautiful sight of the multiracial diversity of Malaysians.


There are also contests and competitions as part of this campaign. Go follow them via Twitter account to know more on this campaign. We truly cannot wait to see the route of this year’s Keretapi Sarong and see all different kind of style of wearing sarong from the participants. Let us all participate and gather for this beautiful campaign!

The 61st Merdeka #MalaysiaBaru Collaboration Campaign

Recently, local brands Hipster Pomade and Stickybox have announced, via Instagram, a teaser of a collaboration campaign for Merdeka with Hipster Pomade. This collaboration campaign is an effort to make aware and encourage on the power and impact of the young generation in shaping the future of our country. This also relates to instilling the spirit of patriotism towards the youth group particularly, in order to attain the change of mindset that we craved for as a multiracial and diverse country.

In conjunction with this upcoming Merdeka celebration, Johor Bahru will have its own celebration at the newly branded Warehouse @ Kilang Bateri. Warehouse Merdeka Festival that will be held from the 30th of August until 2nd of September 2018 also featured automotive events named “Malaya Jamboree” from 30th August until 2nd September 2018. Various kinds of vintage vehicles such as old bicycles, Volkswagen, V100, modern and classic Vespa from all over Malaysia will gather at this event. The 61st Merdeka #MalaysiaBaru campaign will be launch on the opening night of Warehouse Merdeka Festival on the 30th of August with an art exhibition and product launching event by Hipster Pomade and Stickybox at this venue.

These are the example of great measures taken to celebrate day sour pride as Malaysian as there are no better and more suitable than celebrating our nation’s Independence Day. As Malaysians, we hope to see more healthy campaigns organized by Malaysians especially the young people to promote unity and other great values among ourselves.



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