Fashion : AKUDESIGN Back with Unison Series in 2018


AKUDESIGN name is well-known in Malaysia when it comes to fashion and creative business. We have seen what they can do in the aspect of creative production, especially when it comes to T-shirt design. The Unison series has been one of their trademark series since its first release in 2015. This Unison series featured the revival of ornamentation arts concept that relates to our Malaysian demographic and culture.

This year, the Unison series is back with new designs that totally caught the eye of the market. Three designs were introduced recently in parallel with this Unison 4 series via their Instagram account. They also announced that this collection will be out in the market starting from the 26th of September 2018. These three designs in which were named Arabesque, Mandala and Lotus each have their own characteristics.

Arabesque Four

Arabesque design is created in relation to the Malay race in our country. Most of the Malays are Muslims where the religion itself came from the Arabic world. Whether we realize it or not, most of the Malay designs and architecture can be referred back to the Arabic ornaments. As for the design, the ornament used is quite different than Mandala design where this one is more rigid and sharp.

Mandala Four

Synonym with the Indian culture, the Mandala flower design is used to represent the Indian race in Malaysia. The mixture of gold and cream colour was chosen to enhance the and varies the base colour in this series in order to replace the cliche white colourway. The application of a monochrome logo set at the centre is to symbolise the harmony and unity in our country. From here, to India, people know the uniqueness of Malaysia, that we are able to tolerate with each other despite the differences in race and belief.

Lotus Four

The Chinese race in Malaysia is commonly associated with the Lotus flower that suits right with their culture. They believe red is their lucky colour and a colour exciting fests. During Chinese New Year, everything is in red, from “angpau” to the decoration of the “tanglungs”. The ornament used as the centre design is created in reference to the architectural shape of Chinese traditional buildings.

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