Art: Khilaf Short Film Touches the Perception of Father Figure in Child Marriage


Khilaf was initiated when the recent case of a man marrying an 11 years old child that has caused an uproar and caught our attention. A question of morality arise as we are trying to understand how can such a person in the right mind, to have the idea of taking a hand in marriage with an underage girl?

The final year students of Cinematic Arts, Multimedia University delve into these issues and by all mean and do what they do best; making a short film. Khilaf is a story of a single father who has to question his morality and making the decision whether to marry off his daughter at her early age; with her own rapist.

They are still in the midst of pre-production for this project and have just released the first look of the short film. Help them expand the outreach and make people believe in their capability to bring this story alive. Crowdfunding is going to be launched soon and we are hoping to get as many supporters/backers as to reach their goal of RM15,000 in order to realize this short film.

Check out the crowdfunding project here:-

For those who believed and supported this project, you’ll receive a various kind of Khilaf Official Merchandise by Stickybox Company; an established local streetwear, as the merchandise partner.

To learn more about this project, check out their website at and keep updated from time to time.

“As visionary visual storytellers, with hope and nothing but the good intention, we wander into this issue, to understand and to give back to the society as a wake-up call, of our thoughts on child marriage. Khilaf is not just a mere short film, but also trying to raise awareness on this matter and shed some light upon this issue.”

– Wayang Inderaloka






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