Band: Visit VISITOR with A Different Kind of Pleasure

VISITOR Band from Kuala Lumpur

With the progress of Malaysian new era of music, VISITOR from Kuala Lumpur is hopping on the bandwagon with their new single.

VISITOR is an alternative rock band from Kuala Lumpur founded by four members. Together, Fadhli Yacob (vocal & rhythm guitar), Imran Norzain (lead guitar), Fariz Ramli (bass guitar), and Shamie Eezwan (drums) stand side by side in introducing their music to people. VISITOR experiments a strange yet satisfying set of sound, which is widely known as shoegaze; a sub-genre in post-rock music.

They have recently introduced a debut single “A Different Kind of Pleasure” that has captured many listeners that sure has helped boosting their introduction to the underground music scene. Find their music on Spotify and other major music stores.

Discover more of VISITOR on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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