Event: Local Youths Celebrates the Spirit of Environmentalism at Southern Collision 2018


Recently at the end of the year 2018, we witnessed one of the best local independent event and the greatest local bands showcase during Southern Collision 2018, which was held at Warehouse @ Kilang Bateri, Johor Bahru.

As an event that stands for the cause of environmentalism, Southern Collision 2018 aimed to spread awareness on current environmental issues that have been affecting our country. At the same time, the event also offers a wide variety of contents and the concert featuring the likes of 11 local indie bands such as Hujan, Grey Sky Morning, Orkes A Hizadin. Iqbal M. and Pitahati on the same stage.

With environmentalism theme and concept, Southern Collision 2018 managed to spread the awareness as the whole event facilities are filled interactive contents with recycled artwork materials and artwork installations by local artists such as TuanMulo, ApaYangFresh, Trusk Aziz and many more. Nafas Photography Exhibitions further strengthens the theme and concept of this event as the public were encouraged to send their photo submission relating to our theme as they stand a chance to win prizes and got their photo being exhibited for awareness purpose.

In addition, this event also emphasizes on volunteerism efforts by providing a platform for the youth to join us, to be part of the exhibition installer, along with other artists, in order to promote community engagement and environmental awareness.

Southern Collision 2018 spread the impact of closeness and unity among locals as we share the aesthetic values of being born in a creative surrounded environment. It acts as a platform for the youth and urges them to be creative, inspiring, and aware of the current global issues by making a positive impact on society. This is an event that takes the audience to a new level of local entertainment and awareness campaign.


Photo by: @shahrulnizammm


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